Recently retired, I was involved in Food Manufacturing for 42 years, (13 years Dairy, 10 years French Fries, and 19 years in Juice) with 36 of those in a senior management position. In addition, I am a Past President (2015-2016) at the Rotary Club of Toronto West, currently chair our Strategic Alliance Committee and sit on our Membership and Community Services Committees.

Why did I get involved in Rotary? In previous communities where I had worked for the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary, I was quite involved. Here in Etobicoke, I was asked if I was interested in joining. The breakfast meeting fit my work schedule and I did join. I had wanted to get involved again in Community Service and meet other business people in the area. The club has met those needs. In addition, there is great camaraderie and individuals can get involved to any level that suits their needs and schedule.

I am very pleased with the initiatives our Club has taken locally to assist youth at risk and the funding that we have provided to various international Rotary projects that are providing assistance to those that are less fortunate, such as the Wash and Sanitation projects, clean water and polio prevention.

In Rotary, you can make a difference in your local community and in the greater international one.