Rotary's Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup

To mark Earth Day in April 2021, Rotary District 7070 issued a challenge to all its clubs to participate in the Rotary Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup during the week of April 17 - 24, 2021. Rotary Toronto West continued the project this year by focusing cleanup efforts in Tom Riley Park.  With the assistance of members of the Etobicoke Collegiate Institute Interact Club, Rotarians worked to remove trash throughout the park.
Located near Bloor Street West in beautiful Central Etobicoke, Tom Riley Park is a much-loved oasis of nature in the heart of this urban neighbourhood. The park comprises 14.8 hectares, ranging from Dundas Street West and Islington Avenue following Mimico Creek to Bloor Street West. It features a lit ball diamond, a multipurpose sports field, six senior and five junior tennis courts, a children's playground, an allotment garden with the Memorial Pool & Health Club and Central Arena located at the south-east end. Its many features and central location make it a popular destination. Heavy use results in accumulations of litter which can contaminate the creek and connected watershed.
According to Rotary District 7070

This trash poses a threat to terrestrial and aquatic life, often becomes microplastics and harmful toxins, and pollutes one of the most precious and limited natural resources.

According to a report from the Rochester Institute of Technology, more than 22 million pounds of trash and plastic pollution ends up in the Great Lakes each year. Globally, each Earth Day over a billion people worldwide work together in their communities. The Great Lakes contains almost 20% of the world’s freshwater and the Great Lakes System is arguably the largest source of fresh water on the planet.

Each spring, numerous cleanup events occur in the US and Canada throughout the Great Lakes watersheds to remove accumulated debris and waste that has collected. Shopping carts, tires, furniture, trash, numerous foam cups, plastic containers and aluminum cans can be found along our waterways and greenways. These cleanup events remove thousands of pounds of garbage from the environment each year.  Unfortunately, after each cleanup, this debris continues to accumulate through on-going littering and illegal dumping.

Rotary Toronto West and its companion Interact clubs have participated in Earth Day activities throughout Etobicoke for many years.  Contact us to find out how you can help.