Youth Power Was In Full Force at the Kids Against Hunger Food Packing Event

RTW  and the Rotary Club of Etobicoke support the efforts of Kids Against Hunger to provide nourishing food to families in Canada and around the world.  On November 24th, Etobicoke Rotary member Gillian Dugas had everything organized in superlative fashion, supported by husband Andre and fellow club members Greg Dobson, Lynda Ryder, Hugh Williams, Iosef Ciosa and Ron Miller.
Attending from RTW were President Stephen Thiele, Doug Williams and wife Jo, David Crack, Sarah D'Aversa, Susan McCoy with visiting Rotarian Lauren Buss from the Barrie Huronia Rotary Club, Janet McKenzie, Mike Newediuk, John Muto and club photographer John Stevenson.
What made this event really special though was the attendance of droves of young people from Air Cadet Squadron 700 and the Division 22 Police Rovers.
And, as usual, the Salvation Army on Kipling were our gracious and accommodating hosts.
45 Members of the "700 David Hornell VC Squadron" Air CadetsMembers of the 22 Division Police Rovers with Iosif Ciosa
After fueling up on some pizza, we assembled into teams along tables to create assembly lines.
People with past experience taught the newbies what to do and the process got underway.
Plastic bags were filled with rice, soy, preserved vegetables and a nutrient-enriched broth powder.  The ingredients make a delicious, nutritionally complete rice casserole with enough servings for a family of six.
As the bags moved down the assembly line, they were weighed to make sure the volume was kept to a standard and sealed using a heat sealer.
At the end of each table, the bags were stacked in rows, 2 deep, before being put into large boxes.
The boxes were sorted according to their destinations, which included local non-profits as well as international ones.
We prepared 58 boxes, each containing 36 packets providing 12,528 meals!
More pictures here.