Interact Clubs spread Christmas cheer to elementary students in the Philippines

RTW supports the efforts of the Lakeshore Foundation's Phillip Barker to provide much needed school supplies to Baybay Central School in the Philippines under the guise of gifts from Santa every December.  This creates an ideal opportunity for Interactors to share the joy of a Canadian-style Christmas and give Santa some much needed assistance responding to the hundreds of letters the Baybay students write.
  Photo credit: Mary Gaudet,
RTW Past President Patti Wright (third from left) and Saira Kirefu (centre) oversee the activities of the Interactors and arranged for this event at Etobicoke Collegiate Institute on November 29, 2018. 
Mike Newediuk, Sanjeev and Leena Dutta and Susan McCoy were also on site to lend a hand while John Stevenson (second from left) provided his excellent photography skills.
With about 300 letters to write, ECI's Interact
becomes a symbol of collaboration and
cooperation bringing Rotary's
People of Action theme to life!
Each customized letter is
handwritten and sent in a
hand-decorated envelope.
It's enlightening for the Interactor's to
learn about the needs of the students
in the Philippines and a heart-warming
experience to help out Santa!
Richview Collegiate Institute held its first Letters from Santa event on December 5th with an amazing turnout of 45 students who wrote about 300 letters of the approximately 600 letters received from Baybay Central School.  Many thanks to Greg Dobson from the Rotary Club of Etobicoke for a helping hand.