Aangen's roots arise from the initiatives of a woman, Mataji or "dear mother", who decided 18 years ago to open her home on Wednesdays to people interested in her healing food and teas, and meditation. She passed these traditions to her daughter, granddaughter and finally her great granddaughter, Executive Director Gurbeen Bhasin who currently runs Aangen, with the assistance of Heather Maciel, Aangen Community Centre's program director.The word "aangen" is derived from Sanskrit. Heather explained that it refers to a courtyard, an area of safey and nurturing within a community. Aangen has been operating as a self-sustained, non-grant based, not-for-profit organization since 2000, serving a "community" which ranges from the local area to international sites. It's programs are community-driven, defined by the people in need not just for them. That's something we can all care about.
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